10 Inspirational About Pages for Women-Owned Businesses


If becoming a copywriter has taught me anything, it’s this:

Writing about yourself is fucking hard.

I’m not kidding. There have actually been times when I’ve seriously considered hiring a copywriter to write my own About page because talking about who I am and what I do does not come naturally for me.

I’ve talked to other female entrepreneurs – copywriters and non-writers alike – and have heard the same thought repeated time after time. So, if you’re sitting in front of your computer and wondering “what the hell am I supposed to write on that About page everyone says is so important?”, you’re not alone.

That’s where I like to turn to others and see what story they’re telling on their own websites. This isn’t to copy and paste it (we’ve got our own damn stories to tell without stealing others’!), but rather to get inspired on what elements should be included on that page.

The About page is one of the most important pages on your website – but it’s also one of the most difficult ones to write. That’s why turning to inspiration from similar businesses can really help. Here are 10 inspirational About pages for women-owned businesses who are making and selling products.

1. The Gracious Gourmet


The Gracious Gourmet is a product line of specialty food products including spreads, chutneys, pestos, and tapenades. Their goal is to make meals extraordinary without much more work.

The company is owned by Nancy Wekselbaum who spent time in France immersing herself in French cuisine before eventually launching her business in 2006.

Nancy’s love of food and cooking began early even though baking her first cake at age 9 nearly set the house on fire. Her mother told her never to cook again, but Nancy wasn’t deterred.

The Gracious Gourmet

Why It Works

The Gracious Gourmet’s About page dives into the backstory of how the business was born. They mention the specific challenges that lead up to the creation of the product – from Nancy’s lack of cooking ability to her time learning cuisine in France and eventually creating homemade chutney during a power outage.

Throughout the story, there is a touch of humor and relatable struggles which draw in the reader. It doesn’t just talk about Nancy’s glamorous trips to France – it also brings up realities like being terrible at cooking at a young age and having power outages. It makes the story believable and relatable in a way that makes the audience truly connect with the brand. 

2. MinkeeBlue


MinkeeBlue is a bag for women who need all the bags on the go. Instead of using multiple bags for all the things needed for a day out and about, women can use one bag to carry it all within organized compartments.

The idea was born when Sherrill Mosee, inventor and designer of MinkeeBlue, found herself – and many other women – carrying multiple bags to work. She decided there had to be another way and eventually launched her brand as a solution to the problem she calls ‘overload bag syndrome.’

Like many women, Sherrill carried two or three bags to work—a purse, laptop bag, lunch bag, and sometimes shoes in her purse.


Why It Works

The reason why MinkeeBlue’s About page work is simple: it’s hella relatable. After all, how many of us are used to lugging around multiple bags to carry all the things we need on the go? And if it’s not organized correctly, there’s no hope in finding the keys in under five minutes.

This About page gives the audience a brief look at the company’s backstory and establishes Mosee’s credibility by mentioning her work with a nonprofit. Plus, the fact that she’s a female founder always on the go helps with that credibility as well!



Astor + Orion is a new jewelry brand who designs and sells unique jewelry designed with a 3D sculpting program and manufactured with a large percentage of recycled materials. The jewelry is designed for those who are passionate about living their life and looking good while doing it.

Whether you’re exploring Thailand, dancing at Coachella, or having brunch in Seattle, Astor + Orion is designed for people who are passionate about life. But don’t take us too seriously – we’re also here to make you look gorgeous.

Astor + Orion

Why It Works

Okay – I admit, I might be a little bit biased here because this was actually an About page I wrote for them as a client. With that said, it works for a number of important reasons:

First of all, the page identifies who the target buyer is right in one of the headers (“for those who aren’t afraid to live”) and then expands by painting a picture of what a day-in-the-life looks like for them.

The page also dives into the backstory of the company and explains the manufacturing process. These are both major points to what makes them different from other jewelry brands.

4. Aromafloria


Aromafloria is a line of organic specialty body care and aromatherapy products. The company launched after the founder – Sharon Christie – spent years training as a pharmacist, chemist and aromatherapist.

…she combined her experience and vast knowledge with the technology of contemporary science and created Aromafloria, her purpose: ‘to help our consumers obtain balance of body, mind and spirit, while preserving the Earth and her resources’.


Why It Works

While this About page leaves out more of the actual backstory than I would like, we included this one because it does a good job of establishing Christies’ credentials.

When selling body care products, it’s important to build trust in your potential customers by outlining why you’re the right person to create and sell these products. Christie does a good job of that here by explaining her research on the Amazon Rainforest and the folklore of the health benefits of native plant materials.

5. Armoire


Armore is a personalized clothing rental company where women can rent clothing that matches their unique style for as long as they want. The idea is to give women somewhat of an ‘infinite wardrobe’ for just one monthly fee. 

As a group of eclectic women ourselves (and a few kick-a** men), we understand what it means to be busy, social and simultaneously stylish.


Why It Works

While Armoire’s About page is short and to the point, it does leave out a bit of the story which is important to relate to the vision of the company. I heard of this brand through a podcast where the founder, Ambika Singh, explained the backstory and where the idea stemmed from.

With that said, they do a fabulous job of identifying who their target buyer is. They explain, in detail, who their customer is and why they’d be on the lookout for the solution they offer. They also incorporate their brand personality pretty well through their entire website and especially on the About page.

Together, this helps the customer resonate with what the brand is trying to sell them and understand right off the bat whether this is the right solution for their needs.

6. Ann Williams


Ann Williams is a monthly craft box designed to ignite creativity with fun crafts and games delivered straight to your door. Identifying the need to give children crafts to develop important skills, Ann Williams helps parents by making sure their children always has something new to create.

When you work in a cool warehouse with a bottomless candy supply, larger-than-life string art and a yarn tree that towers 15 feet above you, it’s hard not to have fun.

Ann Williams

Why It Works

Reading the Ann Williams About page just makes you want to create something new. Filled with colorful and inspiring photos and dripping with brand personality, it dives into an interesting backstory of why the brand was developed.

It also does a great job of bringing in a touch of humanity by mentioning the founder’s daughter which basically says, “I’m a mother, so I understand your challenge, and here’s the solution I’ve found.”

7. Coppertops


Copper Tops is simple – it’s gift wrapping…for wine. Born out of a lack of options for wine bottle gift wrapping, the brand meets a simple need and does it with fun colors, patterns, and a wonderful About page.

Our products are meant to be shared differently. For us this means, we are governed by our “3 Ss”: Sophisticated. Sustainable. Sincere. Our commitment to building a strong company with positive environmental and social impact runs deep


Why It Works

The product is simple – it’s gift wrapping for wine. But because they’re meeting a need (a lack of this kind of product in the marketplace), it does beg the question: why this?

The About page does a good job of explaining how the idea was born and their overall vision for the brand. It’s also relatable, – I mean, business ideas built upon with friends over cheap wine, anyone?

Additionally, in the story of the Bottle Wrap, it addresses the specific problem brought to them by a customer: the current options on the marketplace are not ideal, so why not make a new one?

8. Crooked Water Spirits


Crooked Water Spirits is a women-owned distillery based in Minneapolis, MN. They distill high-proof gin, vodka, bourbon, and brandy using a craft approach.

This craft approach vs macro approach was dazzling and inspiring. It was like the difference of having a strawberry or tomato out of the garden verses buying from the store.

Crooked Water Spirits

Why It Works

The About page gives a very brief but important backstory to the company and the brand idea. It paints a picture of how the idea was born – comparing a macro versus craft approach – without losing the customer in all the details.

It’s very visually appealing – after all, who doesn’t love a good looking bottle of booze? It also does a good job at establishing the value proposition right off the bat by outlining their three fundamental traits: Quality, Innovation, and Experience. How powerful is that?

9. Smart and Sexy


Raise your hand if the idea of buying bras designed by men makes your skin crawl. Yeah, me too. But believe it or not, that’s the kind of world we’ve been living for a long time – until now. Smart & Sexy is a high-fashion and low-cost solution to bras, panties, swimwear, and loungewear for women and by women.

We also wear bras, so we know what makes you feel and look good.

Smart and Sexy

Why It Works

If you can’t tell by now, I truly believe backstory is everything in a good About page – and this one is no exception. The story sets the stage with “It all started with a vision and $15,000.” It hooks you right from the beginning and leaves you wanting to learn more.

Beyond that, there is also plenty of brand personality with language that resonates with their target audience. They use phrases such as “cleavage is our business” and “creating an army of strong, confident and financially independent women” to identify with potential customers.

Finally, they make their value propisition clear right for the beginning: high fashion, low cost, made by women. It’s that simple.

10. Green Mustache


You’ve heard of a milk mustache – but do you know what a Green Mustache is? This company creates organic and gluten-free snacks and smoothies to help people with convenient and delicious ways to be healthy.

The story of Green Mustache began as a story shared by millions of moms—one about a child and her very particular eating habits (including her strong aversion to greens).

Green Mustache

Why It Works

So, there’s not much backstory here – which I would love to see more of – but there’s one thing I absolutely love about this About page: the first sentence.

Anyone who either has children or has experience with them understands the hell it can be when they’re a picky eater. The first sentence paints that picture and immediately makes the audience think, “oh, hey, this could be a great solution to get my kid to eat healthier!”

Whether you’re looking to kick your About page up a notch or need to write a new one altogether, these examples are great places to turn to for inspiration.

As you’re writing your About page, consider the following:

  1. Write for your target customer – use language that resonates with them and even identify them as we saw in a few of the examples above (i.e. Armoire and Astor + Orion).
  2. Infuse your brand personality – without personality, writing can be dry, boring, and may even send the wrong message about your business.
  3. Include your backstory – because every vision is meaningless without a backstory; it’s what truly connects you to your audience and makes them want to support you.
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