6 Things Every Startup Needs on Their Home Page

Think about your home page as the front door of your website and – ultimately – your business. It should help your prospects understand what you do, why you’re different from your competitors, and where to go to solve their problem.

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What Comes First: Copy or Design? Neither.

You’ve bootstrapped your way this far and you want to do it right this time around. But what is the right way? Many will tell you that copy comes first and, while they’re technically correct, that’s only part of it. There’s more to the story than meets the eye.

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Increase Your Conversion Rate: 6 Questions Your Website Must Answer

Your business’ website acts as your digital storefront; it’s where potential customers go to learn more about you and, ideally, buy from you. But if your website doesn’t answer a few basic questions, you’re going to find yourself with a lot of lost opportunity and that back button is going to get a lot of action.

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Don’t Be Boring – How to Add Personality to Your Content

The key to making your website entertaining, educational, and engaging to read lies in incorporating just the right amount of brand personality to make it interesting. No matter who you’re writing to – whether it’s the CEO of a major corporation or a blue-collar warehouse employee – we’re all human and we want to be spoken to that way.

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7 Simple Ways to Write a Captivating Headline (With Examples)

Headlines can either captivate your audience and encourage them to keep reading, or bore them right off the bat and tell them your content isn’t worth their time. But if you’ve ever sat down to write one, you know how difficult it can be. Here are a few ways to craft a compelling headline.

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5 Common Mistakes Businesses Make on Their About Pages

Your About page is where your audience warms up to the idea of working with you. It’s like that first date – that first impression that is oh-so-crucial to creating a lifelong relationship. As I’ve been doing my research, I’ve noticed a common thread of mistakes on various creatives’ websites.

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How to Write Website Copy That Sells (Without Being Pushy)

Great website copy captures your audience’s attention and immediately tells them if you can solve their problem. When someone lands on your site, they’re looking to answer a few questions. Your site must not only answer these but do so in a way that keeps their attention and truly creates a connection with them.

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3 Things You Must Include In Your About Page to Connect With Your Audience

The About page is one of the most important pages on any website. Believe it or not, your About page can make or break any potential relationship you may have with your audience. It’s your biggest fan. It’s your best salesperson. But it can only do its job if you have the right elements involved. Let’s take a look at what those are.

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