Don’t Be Boring – How to Add Personality to Your Content

The key to making your website entertaining, educational, and engaging to read lies in incorporating just the right amount of brand personality to make it interesting. No matter who you’re writing to – whether it’s the CEO of a major corporation or a blue-collar warehouse employee – we’re all human and we want to be spoken to that way.

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Getting Your Content Strategy Ready for The New Year

Whether you’re looking to increase website traffic, improve your lead generation, or simply provide value to potential customers, a content strategy is the best way to make sure all your efforts works toward a specific goal. So, these are the steps you can take to get everything ready for the new year.

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Staying True to Yourself on Instagram

As powerful and amazing as social media can be, there’s one primary issue it presents. Instagram, and platforms like it, takes away the context of the situation and offers an impossibly perfect perspective on others’ lives. As the pressure to present yourself in the best light grows with the number of followers, how can you be sure to stay true to yourself on a platform that values perfection?

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