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How Game of Thrones Can Help You Craft a Better Brand Story

Nearly anyone who has watched the show will tell you that Game of Thrones is a prime example of phenomenal storytelling. You can take these same principals and apply them to your brand storytelling. So whether you’re writing ad copy, updating your website, or writing regular blog posts, here are a few things you can learn from one of the most popular shows of all time.

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How to Reinforce Your Core Values Within Your Team

Your brand fundamentals — mission statement, vision statement, core values, etc. — are crucial to building a business both your employees and your customers can fully stand behind. However, just creating them isn’t going to result in a sudden increase in brand loyalty. Here’s how to reinforce these values within your team on a daily basis.

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4 Things Every Brand Story Needs to Resonate With Your Audience

Many businesses make the mistake of telling stories that fall flat with their customers because they don’t know what works. Don’t be one of those businesses. If you’re spending time and money to develop a story for your brand, you want to make sure it doesn’t fall flat with your target customers.

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The Power of Positioning: How Payless Got Away with Tricking Influencers

To many, Payless ShoeSource is the place for moms and low-income families to get cheap shoes. But for one day – under a new name and a fake brand created for this PR stunt – Payless became Palessi, the super-chic luxury shoe store only open to celebrities and fashion influencers. So, why did it work, and will the effect last long-term?

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Telling Your Story Without Becoming an Open Book

In a world where privacy and security is a growing concern, it’s difficult to know where to draw the line. So, how do you know what the right balance is? How do you share your story without having to share everything about yourself?

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