The Bootstrapped Startup's Answer to Captivating Storytelling

A Budget-Friendly Option to Tell a Brand Story That Connects With Your Customers

We’ve all been there: you’re sitting in front of a blank page, a blinking cursor staring back at you. You’re trying to create compelling content and coming up with nothing—much less anything that will call your prospective customers’ to action.

You’ve heard of brand storytelling before, but don’t really understand it or know how to actually put it to use to grow your business. And you know you need something to take your business up a notch but don’t have the money to hire a pro—at least not yet.

That’s why we’ve created this brand story starter kit. It’s the perfect solution for creative entrepreneurs and startups who have a vision but don’t have it fully flushed yet and aren’t sure how to share it in a way that connects with customers and grows your business.

In this kit, you’ll find the tools you need to understand and enact your own brand story, including:

  • eBook: The Female Founders’ Guide to Brand Storytelling
  • Worksheet: Discovering Your Brand Story
  • Worksheet: Create Your Buyer Persona
  • Worksheet: Brand Story Outline
  • Template: About Page Template
  • eBook + Worksheet: The Female Founders' Guide to Creating a Content Strategy
  • Template: Content Strategy Template (Airtable)

This kit is designed to help you become your own Heroana by giving you everything you need to:

  • Understand storytelling and how to implement its power in your business
  • Discover your own brand story by uncovering your brand’s fundamentals
  • Connect with your customers through a clear, unique brand voice
  • Create a roadmap to share your story across multiple channels
  • Build a powerful About page that converts more customers
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